Modified Skill List

“Can/Should Bes” or ways to think of listed skill names & how they should be named:
Carouse = food tolerance; Intimidate = physical threats; Interrogation = mental threats; Logic = computer use and math; Blather = distract or confusion; Bios-Use = advanced biology & Build/Repair (i.e. surgery); Chem-Use = advanced chemistry; Invocation = ritual and soothsaying; Medicae = First Aid; Security = lock picking and installing; Scrutiny = using scanners; Search = personal scanning; Sleight of Hand = picking pocketing and theft; Tech-Use = advanced physics & Build/Repair

New Skill List and Descriptors

Basic Skills (All have at ½ Ability)
1. Acrobatics (Ag) (Movement)
2. Awareness (Per) (Exploration)
3. Carouse (Tough)
4. Charm (Fel) (Interaction)
Prereq for: Blather
5. Climb (Str) (Movement)
6. Command (Fel) (Interaction)
7. Common Lore (Int) (Investigation)
Prereq for: Scholatic Lore
8. Concealment (Ag)
9. Contortionist (Ag) (Movement)
10. Deceive (Fel) (Interaction)
Prereq for: Blather
11. Disguise (Fel)
12. Dodge (Ag)
13. Gamble (Int)
14. Inquiry (Fel) (Investigation)
15. Intimidate (Str) (Interaction)
16. Logic (Int) (Investigation)
Prereq for: Tech-Use
17. Scrutiny (Per) (Exploration)
Prereq for: Tracking
18. Search (Per) (Exploration)
Prereq for: Tracking
19. Silent Move (Ag) (Movement)
Prereq for: Shadowing
20. Swim (Str) (Movement)

Advance Skill List
1. Barter (Fel) (Interaction)
2. Bios-Use (Int) (Crafting, Investigation)
3. Blather (Fel) (Interaction)
4. Chem-Use (Int) (Crafting, Investigation)
5. Ciphers (Int)
6. Commerce (Fel)
7. Demolitions (Int) (Crafting)
8. Drive: Ground, Hover, Skimmer, Walker (Ag) (Operator)
9. Evaluate (Int) (Investigation)
10. Forbidden Lore (Int) (Investigation)
11. Interrogation (Wil) (Interaction)
12. Invocation (Wil)
13. Literacy (Int)
14. Medicae (Int)
15. Navigation: Atmosphere, Aquatic, Ground, Stellar, Warp (Int) (Exploration)
16. Performer (Fel)
17. Pilot: Personal, Jet, Flyers, Space Craft, Starship (Ag) (Operator)
18. Psyniscience (Per) (Exploration)
Prereq for: Invocation
19. Scholatic Lore (Int) (Investigation)
20. Secret Tongue (Int) (Interaction)
21. Security (Ag) (Exploration)
22. Shadowing (Ag) (Movement)
23. Sleight of Hand (Ag)
24. Speak Language (Int) (Interaction)
Prereq for: Literacy
25. Survival (Int) (Exploration)
26. Tactics (Int) (Investigation)
27. Tech-Use (Int) (Crafting, Investigation; Exploration)
28. Tracking (Int) (Exploration)
29. Trade (Various) (Crafting, Exploration)
30. Wrangling (Int)

Prerequisite Skills
There are 20 Basic Skills and 30 Advanced Skills. An Advanced Skill would only be allowed to be taken if training in the lower Basic-related Skill was complete, and the Advanced Skill bonus should never be higher then the Basic Skill. For example, a character should not have Shadowing+10 without having the basic Silent Move+10 skill or a reason it is missing.

Required Skills For training in
Barter or Evaluate Commerce
Charm or Deceive Blather
Common Lore (x) Scholastic Lore (x)
Logic Tech-Use
Psyscience Invocation
Scrutiny or Search Tracking
Silent Move Shadowing
Speak Language Literacy

Modified Skill List

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