Hive World: Cyclopia
Forge World: Cyclopea

Citizens on Cyclopia are assigned to two very rigid tracks – the education of future Schola Progenium Imperial leaders or the studies of the Adeptus Mechanicus in their forges. For Cyclopia is a joint operation shared by the Imperium; at once a Hive and a Forge World.

Such a shared venture often leads to some harsh rivalries between two groups sharing the management of Cyclopea. The Imperium often fells that the management and tithes of the planet’s production required a more charismatic hand then the cold and calculated productions the Mechanicus give such a task. The Imperium lead classes in management, command, and the importance of building honor among the stars. Meanwhile, the Mechanicum-ruling factions demanded attention to higher quality gear, local production quotas, and zealous ritual studies to the greater Imperium. These conflicting view often lead to political ideology and debates on tele-vox broadcast regarding conflicts of planetary duties and ownership.