Navigator Tertius Mordecai (Mord) Callidon

House Brabazon Haunted Survivor


XP Spent: 5,950 XP Reserve: 000 Rank 1

Score Base Add Mod1 Mod2 Mod3 Final Bonus
WS : 25+ 0 25 2
BS : 25+ 10 +5 Simple, 250 40 4
S : 25+ 5 -5 VoidBorn 25 2
T : 25+ 20 +3 Tainted +3 Pride 51 5
Ag : 25+ 10 35 3
Int : 25+ 15 40 4
Per : 25+ 20 +3 Scapegrace +5 Simple, 100 53 5
Wil : 25+ 20 +5 VoidBorn 50 5
Fel : 25+ 0 -3 Tainted 22 <1> 2

Wounds : 13
Fate : 4 -1 Shiplorn 3 <2>
Insanity : 12 (Tainted) + 17 (Brabazon) = 29
Corruption : 4
<1> -5 on all Fellowship Tests made interact with non-VoidBorn humans and voidfarers who are not personal friends if they have heard of your background and/or reputation ( -10 if both) (VoidBorn and Ship-lorn). An addition -10 applies if on a planetary body dealing with locals.
<2> But on a roll of 9 on a d10, a spent (not burnt) fate point is not used (VoidBorn)

Void Born, Scapegrace (+3 to Per), Tainted (Insane), Ship-Lorn, Pride

Brabazon (Nomadic)
No Path Too Dark: gain Peer (Trask Dynasty)
Mad Fear: Phobia (Navis Nobilite) (Severe), Phobia (Silence) (Minor), Jaded
Lore of the Warp: Talented (Navigation (Warp))
A Taste for the Warp: Fate Point to succeed in Navigator power by 1d5-1 DoS
Scorn of Dirt Dwellers: -10 to Fellowship while on planetary bodies
Initial Mutations: OneTwo
Eyes as Black as the Void (no benefit variant)
Darkening Flesh (=Pale and Hairless Flesh, Pigmentation in Reverse)
Strange Vitality (no benefit variant)

Best-craftsmanship naval pistol (1d10+4 I; 20m, s/3/-; clip 6, reload Full; tearing, never jams)
Best-craftsmanship metal staff (1d10+1 I: +10 WS to attack/parry, primitive)
Best-craftsmanship xeno-mesh armor (Arms, Body, Legs: AP 4, 1 kg)
Emperor’s tarot deck
Silk headscarf
Nobilite robes

Charmed; VoidBorn
Ill-Omened; VoidBorn
Void Accustomed; VoidBorn
Resistance (Fear); Navigator Advance, 200

Awareness; Navigator Advance, 100
Ciphers; Navigator Advance, 100
Common Lore (Navis Nobilite); Navigator
Common Lore (Koronus Expanse); Elite Advance, 100
Dodge; Voidmaster Advance, 100
Forbidden Lore (Navigators, Warp); Navigator
Interrogation; Navigator Advance, 200
Literacy; Navigator
Navigation (Stellar, Warp(‘+10)); Navigator, Talented
Pilot (Spacecraft); Voidmaster Advance, 100
Psyniscience (’+10); Navigator, Talented
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy); Navigator
Scrutiny; Voidmaster Advance, 100
Sleight of Hand; Scapegrace
Speak Language (House Brabazon); VoidBorn
Speak language (High Gothic, Low Gothic); Navigator
Survival; Ship-lorn

Navigation (Stellar); VoidBorn
Pilot (Starship); VoidBorn

Melee Weapon Training (Universal); Navigator
Nerves of Steel; Voidmaster Advance, 100
Peer (The Insane); Tainted
Peer (Trask Dynasty); Brabazon (Nomadic)
Pistol Weapon Training (Universal); Navigator
Talented (Psyniscience); Elite Exchange for Brabazon: Peer (Trask Dynasty)
Talented (Navigation (Warp)); Brabazon (Nomadic)
Jaded; Brabazon (Nomadic)

The Lidless Stare (Novice): opposed Will test with all enemies. If won, opponents suffer 1d10+Will Bonus E damage, not reduced by Armor or Tough. Nav takes 1 level of Fatigue, 2 if failed prior Will test.

Tracks in the Stars (Novice): may track a ship’s warp trail in real space using Per as long as trail is not older then Per Bonus in weeks. Free action as part of movement.


Navigator Tertius Mordecai (Mord) Callidon

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