Rogue Trader: Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai

Explorators and Sales

Sold stuff, made +3 Profit.

The Thuleans began a slow repair of the Raptum, taking weeks to repair even a minor bit of damage to the ship. Rigueby and Andros invited the crew of Saul’s transport ship that made an escape form Orn, finding that it was captained by a Free Captain by the name of Sawyer Longmant. They found out that the crew knew of the powerful and rich dust cloud around Orn. In addition, the crew had knowledge of the great enemy of Chaos in orbit. Rigueby and Andros attempted to create an alliance with the crew, setting a meeting with Trade-Admiral Jonquin Saul. Porthos attempted some recruitment from the menial workers of the Fleet and found few willing to take the risk. The crew accepted the charming hospitality of the DSM ship, and arranged a meeting for them back at Footfall.

Through a Techmat, Rigueby contacted the Meritech clan which held his gene-code debt. They asked for an update on the search, indicating that the Unbeholden Reach was the last known location of the Renuka Warrant of Trade. As Rigueby asked what they would take in place of a payment for the Warrant, the Meritech answered in silence and suggested that Rigueby’s efforts would best be to seek his Dynasty’s lost Warrant.

Grudging due to the time it was taking for repairs, the Raptum left the Thulean fleet and headed back for Footfall. Along the way, the insanity of the crew set in, driving what remained of the few crew into panic modes, fits of depression, screaming madness, and zombie-like trances. Thankfully, due to the odd nature of the warp, no crewmen suffered any loss of life.

Arriving back at Footfall, the crew found their dock had reduced in size to about a dozen people and their small contingent of Iron Hound solders. Titus took the raw dust to the Est 17 labs, refining the substance into power weapon parts. Andros sold a large part of the ElectroDust power weapons to a passing Imperial Navy transport, which was only able to reward the noble with a seal on file and accolades from the Administratum. Rigueby, meanwhile, sent a message to the House of the Blackened Gargoyle to inform them that the DSM found little in their search of Orn.


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