Rogue Trader: Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai

Orn Charting, Chaos, and Escape!

The crew of the Raptum retreated to encounter the Rak’Gol boarding party. Andronicus was able to direct three boarding parties of Rak’Gol into the evacuation hold and jettison the bodies into space. The battle, lead by brave Lord-Captain Rigueby, fought the Rok’Gol, however, with terrible losses to half the remaining population. In an effort of bravery, however, the Lord-Captain charged into the fight himself, and only through the grace and fate of the Emperor, managed to live when a Rak’Gol claw went through his body!! The Raptum currently has 29 crew, 14 moral and 12 hull points.

Killing the last of the Rak’Gol, the ship spent several days cleaning and repairing damages. Inspecting the dust cloud and system, Navigator Callidon estimated that it would take around 65 days to chart and map the system. Over nine weeks, the crew collected 250 crates of “power-rad-dust” onto the ship, and found a lone planet in between two rings of asteroids around the Orn. Launching a probe to scan the planet, the crew found two Imperial transports nearby that shot the probe down. The crew was unsure of what to make of this detail when several Rak’Gol ships began to scan and search the area that the Raptum was in. As two of the Rak’Gol vessels closed in, the Raptum turned to flee, only to find a Chaos ship waiting outside the dust cloud! The speed of the Raptum out ran the Rak’Gol, while the Chaos vessel engaged the two lesser xenos. On there way out, they spotted a transport ship belonging to Jonquin Saul, a famous and powerful merchant fleet Rogue Trader.

Executing a warp transition to escape, the field of the Raptum became entangled with that of the Saul transport. For 24 days the two ship traveled next to each other in the warp, until they came out in front of an Explorator Fleet from the radical Disciples of Thule. Haling the ship, a Magos chide the group for violating the rune of intransigence and offered to meet with the crew. Rigueby offered up some of the xenos tech and data about Orn, including informing the Magos that several chaos ships had been seen within the system. The Magos thanked Rigueby and offered the crew a chance to rest and repair within the fleet before setting off again. (interaction with this fleet is at -20%). The crew also noticed that the Saul transport is also docked with the fleet, and maybe offering the same deal (or keeping an eye on the PCs…) Will this be a chance to make the Saul Dynasty friends or foes? And will the group impress the radical Thuleans, or will the Lord-Captain’s life-debt harm the group?


Homunculus23 Homunculus23

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