Rogue Trader: Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai

Welcome to Orn: With the Rak'Gol

++++Incoming: Combat Status Vox Transmission+++
Distance: 1 Astro Unit \\ Time: 30 \\ Receiver: Lords of Dominion of St. Mordecai
+++Vox Alert: High+++
Sir!… Lord-Captain of the F …ramgit et Raptum and Lords of the Dominion of St. Mordecai,
We…beseech you oh Lords, <stst>.. oh God-Emp..! <sstsstict>… they’re coming into the … oh, why hast<cs>we’re forsaken! …<hooogrest> every man!…. We all <errst,>…. blast them BACK I SAID!….<oooooohhh>
errrrck….zararrrrrrrerd! <ssssstirck….crrrrastrict> fire! Fire! Close the… dear Em!……. <sssshhh> not stopping!
The fires, oh, the fumes and fires!… <krckst> … need back-up!… e belo <crs> life support!
++++Transmission end due to foul radiation xenos corruption+++

The rune of intransigence was marked on the world of Orn which the crew chose to explore. The xenos vessel of the Rak’Gol is typically inferior to higher grade technology of the Imperium. The Rok’Gol have weaker ship weapons, armor, and drives. Orn has a field of dust minerals that can be harvested to create void shields and personal power field devices. The crew has boarded the xenos vessel with two squadrons lead by three officers, while five squadrons of Rak’Gol have boarded the Raptum. One officer stayed onboard the Raptum, with the Navigator flying escort in between the two ships. I am so often surprised at the … creative decisions that PCs make. This Rak’Gol ship is an equal level to your rank.

After four rounds of strategic combat, these are my notes between the two ships:
Round 1: Raptum moves and scans; Xenos move and launch, receive 4 damage and do not hit pass shields
Round 2: Raptum is boarded, received 8 damage, fire in crew quarters begins; Xenos receive 9 damage, sensors are cut
Round 3: Raptum receives 4 damage, fire in crew quarters (10 crew, 4 moral); Xenos receive 6 damage, engines crippled, bridge hole (7 crew, 9 moral)
Round 4: Raptum received 6 damage, fire spreads to evacuation hold and life sustainers (2 crew, 10 moral), return for squad reload; Xenos receive 3 damage, dorsal cannons destroyed, engines destroyed (7 crew, 2 moral)

The Raptum’s moral losses are higher due to the cheap pressed-crew quarters and cheap life sustainer, both of which increase moral loss. Also, fire is dammed scary to voidfares, as are the Fear level (1) of the Rak’Gol.

Raptum = 6 Hull, 63% Crew, 49% Moral, on fire ; Xenos = 18 Hull, 64% Crew, 67% Moral, no power, no sensor (-30 to hit w/ ship weapons), 1/2 move and maneuverability.


Homunculus23 Homunculus23

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