Rogue Trader: Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai

Meet-up at the Port

The Domino Stren, a Shrike-class Raider, was Callidon’s home.

A damaged Raider class ship was found drifting outside of the asteroid field of Rubicon 3. The local Imperial Naval forces assisted with bring the vessel into the dry docks of Port Wander, where they began to purge the ship and condemn the vessel due to heavy warp-travel damage. The ship’s last Navigator was allowed to roam the station until further notice. Meanwhile, an Explorator who was stranded on a strange planet found his latest passage to Port Wander costing him all he had left aboard an empty pilgrim transport back to Imperial space.

Callidon, Titus, and Rigueby meet in a Navigator House briefing chamber on Port Wander and made a deal to work together in exploring the Expanse. The Rogue Trader was able to secure some funding from the House of the Blackened Gargoyle, a semi-legit trading moderate trading House, with the exception that he would take an “Adviser” of theirs on board and provide him with the best comforts of the ship. To get the ship out of lock-down, the Rogue Trader and Adviser bribed the Administratium Naval Officer with booze and women. This allowed the release of the ship for retrofitting and repairs directed by the new crew.


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