Rogue Trader: Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai

Explorators and Sales
Sold stuff, made +3 Profit.

The Thuleans began a slow repair of the Raptum, taking weeks to repair even a minor bit of damage to the ship. Rigueby and Andros invited the crew of Saul’s transport ship that made an escape form Orn, finding that it was captained by a Free Captain by the name of Sawyer Longmant. They found out that the crew knew of the powerful and rich dust cloud around Orn. In addition, the crew had knowledge of the great enemy of Chaos in orbit. Rigueby and Andros attempted to create an alliance with the crew, setting a meeting with Trade-Admiral Jonquin Saul. Porthos attempted some recruitment from the menial workers of the Fleet and found few willing to take the risk. The crew accepted the charming hospitality of the DSM ship, and arranged a meeting for them back at Footfall.

Through a Techmat, Rigueby contacted the Meritech clan which held his gene-code debt. They asked for an update on the search, indicating that the Unbeholden Reach was the last known location of the Renuka Warrant of Trade. As Rigueby asked what they would take in place of a payment for the Warrant, the Meritech answered in silence and suggested that Rigueby’s efforts would best be to seek his Dynasty’s lost Warrant.

Grudging due to the time it was taking for repairs, the Raptum left the Thulean fleet and headed back for Footfall. Along the way, the insanity of the crew set in, driving what remained of the few crew into panic modes, fits of depression, screaming madness, and zombie-like trances. Thankfully, due to the odd nature of the warp, no crewmen suffered any loss of life.

Arriving back at Footfall, the crew found their dock had reduced in size to about a dozen people and their small contingent of Iron Hound solders. Titus took the raw dust to the Est 17 labs, refining the substance into power weapon parts. Andros sold a large part of the ElectroDust power weapons to a passing Imperial Navy transport, which was only able to reward the noble with a seal on file and accolades from the Administratum. Rigueby, meanwhile, sent a message to the House of the Blackened Gargoyle to inform them that the DSM found little in their search of Orn.

Orn Charting, Chaos, and Escape!

The crew of the Raptum retreated to encounter the Rak’Gol boarding party. Andronicus was able to direct three boarding parties of Rak’Gol into the evacuation hold and jettison the bodies into space. The battle, lead by brave Lord-Captain Rigueby, fought the Rok’Gol, however, with terrible losses to half the remaining population. In an effort of bravery, however, the Lord-Captain charged into the fight himself, and only through the grace and fate of the Emperor, managed to live when a Rak’Gol claw went through his body!! The Raptum currently has 29 crew, 14 moral and 12 hull points.

Killing the last of the Rak’Gol, the ship spent several days cleaning and repairing damages. Inspecting the dust cloud and system, Navigator Callidon estimated that it would take around 65 days to chart and map the system. Over nine weeks, the crew collected 250 crates of “power-rad-dust” onto the ship, and found a lone planet in between two rings of asteroids around the Orn. Launching a probe to scan the planet, the crew found two Imperial transports nearby that shot the probe down. The crew was unsure of what to make of this detail when several Rak’Gol ships began to scan and search the area that the Raptum was in. As two of the Rak’Gol vessels closed in, the Raptum turned to flee, only to find a Chaos ship waiting outside the dust cloud! The speed of the Raptum out ran the Rak’Gol, while the Chaos vessel engaged the two lesser xenos. On there way out, they spotted a transport ship belonging to Jonquin Saul, a famous and powerful merchant fleet Rogue Trader.

Executing a warp transition to escape, the field of the Raptum became entangled with that of the Saul transport. For 24 days the two ship traveled next to each other in the warp, until they came out in front of an Explorator Fleet from the radical Disciples of Thule. Haling the ship, a Magos chide the group for violating the rune of intransigence and offered to meet with the crew. Rigueby offered up some of the xenos tech and data about Orn, including informing the Magos that several chaos ships had been seen within the system. The Magos thanked Rigueby and offered the crew a chance to rest and repair within the fleet before setting off again. (interaction with this fleet is at -20%). The crew also noticed that the Saul transport is also docked with the fleet, and maybe offering the same deal (or keeping an eye on the PCs…) Will this be a chance to make the Saul Dynasty friends or foes? And will the group impress the radical Thuleans, or will the Lord-Captain’s life-debt harm the group?

Welcome to Orn: With the Rak'Gol

++++Incoming: Combat Status Vox Transmission+++
Distance: 1 Astro Unit \\ Time: 30 \\ Receiver: Lords of Dominion of St. Mordecai
+++Vox Alert: High+++
Sir!… Lord-Captain of the F …ramgit et Raptum and Lords of the Dominion of St. Mordecai,
We…beseech you oh Lords, <stst>.. oh God-Emp..! <sstsstict>… they’re coming into the … oh, why hast<cs>we’re forsaken! …<hooogrest> every man!…. We all <errst,>…. blast them BACK I SAID!….<oooooohhh>
errrrck….zararrrrrrrerd! <ssssstirck….crrrrastrict> fire! Fire! Close the… dear Em!……. <sssshhh> not stopping!
The fires, oh, the fumes and fires!… <krckst> … need back-up!… e belo <crs> life support!
++++Transmission end due to foul radiation xenos corruption+++

The rune of intransigence was marked on the world of Orn which the crew chose to explore. The xenos vessel of the Rak’Gol is typically inferior to higher grade technology of the Imperium. The Rok’Gol have weaker ship weapons, armor, and drives. Orn has a field of dust minerals that can be harvested to create void shields and personal power field devices. The crew has boarded the xenos vessel with two squadrons lead by three officers, while five squadrons of Rak’Gol have boarded the Raptum. One officer stayed onboard the Raptum, with the Navigator flying escort in between the two ships. I am so often surprised at the … creative decisions that PCs make. This Rak’Gol ship is an equal level to your rank.

After four rounds of strategic combat, these are my notes between the two ships:
Round 1: Raptum moves and scans; Xenos move and launch, receive 4 damage and do not hit pass shields
Round 2: Raptum is boarded, received 8 damage, fire in crew quarters begins; Xenos receive 9 damage, sensors are cut
Round 3: Raptum receives 4 damage, fire in crew quarters (10 crew, 4 moral); Xenos receive 6 damage, engines crippled, bridge hole (7 crew, 9 moral)
Round 4: Raptum received 6 damage, fire spreads to evacuation hold and life sustainers (2 crew, 10 moral), return for squad reload; Xenos receive 3 damage, dorsal cannons destroyed, engines destroyed (7 crew, 2 moral)

The Raptum’s moral losses are higher due to the cheap pressed-crew quarters and cheap life sustainer, both of which increase moral loss. Also, fire is dammed scary to voidfares, as are the Fear level (1) of the Rak’Gol.

Raptum = 6 Hull, 63% Crew, 49% Moral, on fire ; Xenos = 18 Hull, 64% Crew, 67% Moral, no power, no sensor (-30 to hit w/ ship weapons), 1/2 move and maneuverability.

Meet-up at the Port

The Domino Stren, a Shrike-class Raider, was Callidon’s home.

A damaged Raider class ship was found drifting outside of the asteroid field of Rubicon 3. The local Imperial Naval forces assisted with bring the vessel into the dry docks of Port Wander, where they began to purge the ship and condemn the vessel due to heavy warp-travel damage. The ship’s last Navigator was allowed to roam the station until further notice. Meanwhile, an Explorator who was stranded on a strange planet found his latest passage to Port Wander costing him all he had left aboard an empty pilgrim transport back to Imperial space.

Callidon, Titus, and Rigueby meet in a Navigator House briefing chamber on Port Wander and made a deal to work together in exploring the Expanse. The Rogue Trader was able to secure some funding from the House of the Blackened Gargoyle, a semi-legit trading moderate trading House, with the exception that he would take an “Adviser” of theirs on board and provide him with the best comforts of the ship. To get the ship out of lock-down, the Rogue Trader and Adviser bribed the Administratium Naval Officer with booze and women. This allowed the release of the ship for retrofitting and repairs directed by the new crew.


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