“Only people consumed by greed, insanity, or suicidal tendencies would be out here to begin with.”

Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai is a general Rogue Trader campaign about exploration, trade, and criminal activity. The main theme of this campaign is exile and the Cold Trade; xenos artifacts and information recovery while attempting to forge a place within the Expanse. For many of the characters, this voyage is their last chance for anything they can call a life.

We meet in Lakewood, Colorado.

The story is one of exile characters: a nomadic house Navigator with an empty ship, a forsaken Enginseer, a Noble forging his own house, and a Rogue Trader seeking his lost Dynasty. The Age is 814.M41.

The history of the Warrant, issued after the Great Heresy, was a former merchant house that once established trade and passages to battlefronts. After hundreds of years, however, the Warrant has split and fractured, losing much of its power to rivals and leaving only a sliver of its wealth to a select few. Whatever remained was left to the Dynasty of Renuka, a lost Lineage from the Claixis sector planet Cyclopea in 179.M41. Due to some entanglements with the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Lineage, Warrant, a substantial fortune and a cadre of household troops went missing into the Expanse.

Dramatis Personae:
Lord-Captain Mordeci Rigueby
Navigator Modecai Callidon
Explorator Titus Lan 4
House of the Blackened Gargoyle Emissary Andronicus Morchizona

Old Augur, Servitor of House Brabazon
Torvan the Fallen
Mer Ravis of the House of the Blackened Gargoyle
Attar Sokate

Rogue Trader: Cold Trade of the Dominion of Saint Mordechai

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